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Indian Bitcoin exchanges suspend trading amid fears of regulation. Indian Bitcoin exchanges suspend trading amid fears of.The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) is a non-profit organisation that undertakes interdisciplinary research on internet and digital technologies from policy and academic perspectives.The academic research at CIS seeks to understand the reconfiguration of social processes and structures through the internet and digital media technologies, and vice versa.Bitcoin regulation seems to making its way in India. Govt. officials has shown green signals to form a committee to give their report by July on Bitcoin.The problem is not with the digital currencies themselves, but some worrying trends involving bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

According to this article the Indian government has completed a proposal for how to go about regulation. about making bitcoin an official. india-close.Securities and Exchange Commission due to the lack of regulation in the Bitcoin space.

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They have asked suggestions and questions regarding crypto currency.

The website offers a secure bitcoin trading platform in real-time, and adheres.India cracks down on illegal Bitcoin activities while considering regulations.

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In exercise of its powers under Section 18 of the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 the RBI on April 27, 2009 issued policy guidelines governing institutions issuing prepaid payment instruments such as mobile wallets, Paypal, etc.It is clear that Bitcoin is not really similar to any of the instruments mentioned in the definition, not least because none of them are digital or virtual in nature.

Indian Government to Recommend Bitcoin Regulation Within 6 Months.Immovable property has been defined to include land, benefits arising out of land or things attached to the earth or permanently fastened to anything attached to the earth.This means that if any instrument which is being used as a currency is not covered by the definition as it stands, then the RBI is free to notify it and include it in the definition of currency.For example, a transaction involving an Indian designing a website for a person sitting in Australia and being paid in Bitcoin would be legal whereas sending contraband substances to the same person while getting paid in Bitcoin would not be allowed.What Bitcoin Regulations Look Like Around The World. regulating or prohibiting Bitcoin use in India. from the Bitcoin regulations across various.It is worth noting that unlike other digital currencies such as e-gold, liberty reserve, etc.

The government wants to bring cryptocurrency under the regulation of Reserve Bank of India Act 1934 and levy GST on Bitcoins in India.The first impact of the legalisation of Bitcoin in India is expected.Looking at the relatively small number of people who use Paypal or other e-wallets in India, it would not be entirely unlikely that the regulations to govern Bitcoin, whenever they come, would be a reaction to a particular event and whether these regulations are enabling or disabling in nature would probably depend upon the nature of the event to which they are reacting.The amount of bitcoin in circulation is still relatively small, especially in the context of vast economies like China, India and France.Bitcoin in India is yet to to understood. it will drive users underground where the scope of regulation is bleak and the dangers are higher.This situation would also be applicable to any person buying Bitcoins from an online exchange based outside India.

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More token sales will start excluding potential U.S. investors.The Indian government will meet to discuss the regulatory framework of Bitcoin and other digital.As bitcoin gains awareness and adopters in India, bitcoin-based MLM (multi-level marketing) and pyramid schemes have predictably followed suit, taking advantage of.As Indian authorities consider a framework for digital currency regulations, the nation is witnessing a rise in the number of cyberattacks with extortionists.

This is so because the sale of goods means a contract whereby the property in the goods is actually transferred by the seller to the buyer and according to section 4 of the Sale of Goods Act the transfer of the property in the goods is for a price, i.e., for money consideration.The paper analyses the laws and regulations that apply to Bitcoin in India, and comes to the conclusion that the government has wide powers that it can exercise, if.Recently in December 2013, the Indian Central Bank (Reserve Bank of India, RBI) decided to not regulate, and stated clearly that they lacked expert.In the first of a series of white papers on cryptocurrency regulation, we cover 10 Essential Terms for Bitcoin Regulation,.

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Turf war over bitcoin regulation ensues in IndiaWhile the government of India is busy deliberating on whether to create a regulatory framework for bitcoin, a.

Each Bitcoin is subdivided down to eight decimal places, forming 100,000,000 smaller units called satoshis.With this very basic and brief understanding of Bitcoin, we shall now try to examine whether Bitcoins should be treated under Indian law as (i) currency, (ii) security, (iii) derivative, (iv) negotiable instrument, (v) prepaid payment instrument, or (vi) movable property.Although the vast majority of people dealing in virtual currencies have no intention of breaking the law, the unregulated nature of digital currency exchanges has already precipitated the collapse of several trading platforms.Transfer of Bitcoins from one person to another where the person sending the Bitcoins is not resident in India.

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Given the lack of existing legal and regulatory analysis on this issue in India, we greatly welcome comments on this issue.

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Bitcoins can be transferred through a computer or smartphone without an intermediate financial institution.The Indian government is reportedly moving toward regulating bitcoin and other digital currencies as their popularity grows in the country.Read more about Sebi, RBI engage in turf war over Bitcoin regulation on Business Standard.Also read: Indian Government to Recommend Bitcoin Regulation Within 6 Months.Since the terms promissory note, bill of exchange or cheque are easily understood in trading parlance, there is no need to go into the definitions of these instruments as provided under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, suffice it to say that Bitcoins do not fall under the definitions of any of these terms under the Act.This paper is an effort to examine the legal basis and treatment of Bitcoin under the current legal and regulatory regime in India.

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